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Wedding this monsoon? Here are 5 tips for nailing the bridal look!

July 6, 2023

Beautiful greenery, grey skies, wet roads, droplets falling off the leaves, a ray of sunshine shedding some light, radiating faces are blushing as they look at each other, all captured candidly as friends and family cheer. Aaah! How wonderful was that?

That's one example of a romantic monsoon wedding. But there's a glitch. Despite their serenity, monsoon weddings pose a multitude of make up hurdles! Do you want to pull off the perfect bridal look this monsoon? Then look no further!

  1. Go Easy On The Eyes.

    We already know the welling-up that happens as we move closer to finishing the wedding vows! Adding to the charm is the rain. Oh, we know you need a saviour. Long-wear formulas are the only way to prevent dripping on a rainy day with eye makeup. Select an eyeshadow that goes with your attire, and then choose waterproof eyeliner, kajal, and mascara to emphasise your features and make your eyes stand out. So, dear monsoon brides, this way, your eyes (makeup, we meant) are intact from washing away through the wedding festivities.

    1. The best way to approach your eye makeup is to keep it as minimal and neutral as possible. 
    2. Soft bronze and rose-hued eyeshadows can be a good choice. 
    3. Top off your bridal dreams with a layer of waterproof mascara on your favourite volumising mascara.
  2. Avoid Glossy Lipstick - Go For Matte.

    What's the formula for lips, now? If you want to look monsoon-right, matte lipstick is your best friend. Don't let your lipstick smudge, fade, or move all day long. Go for a waterproof, transfer-proof matte lipstick.

    1. Consider using lip tints instead of cream-based lipstick or lipgloss
    2. Faint/subtle mattes offer you picture-perfect pouts. It will make your look flawless throughout the day when you use mattes
    3. Use a lip balm 10 minutes before applying lip makeup to prevent chapping and drying.
  3. Get Your Skin Prepared.

    Ideally, prepping your skin beforehand is an essential step in any makeup routine to reveal a soft, refreshed look. For plump, hydrated, and moisturised skin, gently rub an ice cube over your face after cleansing it. In addition to keeping your makeup longer, you will get a natural setting for your makeup to absorb.

  4. Avoid heavy layers of foundation.

    We can only imagine the blotchy foundation becoming cakey with sweat and the season compensating for the more awry appearance. The tip here is to go easy. Less is more. We highly recommend avoiding a full coverage foundation. Instead, use a medium and light coverage foundation for your face. For those who can't stand skipping foundations, choose those with matte finishes.

  5. Lock the look with powder and spray.

    When it comes to blotchy foundation, matte powders are perfect. Dab and dust a mattifying powder over the entire face and neck after you finish your base makeup to absorb extra moisture. Then, setting spray takes a key role. It's the simplest of them all. After applying all your makeup, mist your face with a setting spray. Use the spray in a downward motion on all sides of the face as it helps the mist to settle well on the makeup, thus making it smudge-free.

    And that’s it! With these hacks in mind, you’re definitely going to rock your bridal look this monsoon. What? Is it all overwhelming? Now, we understand it all needs some hands of expertise and magic. Well, worry not! Vurve has got your back to nail a perfect bridal look not just for monsoon but for every season. Get in touch with us today - book a trial session here!

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