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Jun 21 , 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Waking up with perfect lashes every day?

Yes, Please!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having long, fluttery lashes that look effortlessly on-point every day, then here is your go-to solution - Eyelash Extensions. 

So, what exactly is Eyelash Extension?
Eyelash Extension is a semi-permanent lash treatment that involves bonding individual synthetic fibres to your natural lashes using a specially formulated adhesive. The result? Longer, fuller, and more beautiful lashes that look and feel totally natural. 

But wait. It gets even better. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of styles, lengths, and thicknesses so that you can customize your look to suit your preferences. With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can even last for weeks! 


What Types of Eyelash Extensions Are Available? 

There’s more than just one way to flutter those lashes. Let’s talk about the different types of eyelash extensions.

Classic Lashes give you a natural everyday look adding a length and a bit of volume to your natural lashes. It is a most popular style that mimics mascara and will be a little thicker than your natural lashes. These are perfect for those looking for a subtle enhancement without going overboard. 


Next up is the Volume Lashes that are here to make a statement. This method adds multiple lightweight extensions to each lash creating a more fuller and voluminous look. Volume lashes give you that extra glam without the need for falsies. 


Can’t decide between classic and volume? Hybrid Lashes are the perfect compromise. This method will use a mix of classic and volume extensions to create a customized look that suits your style. They’re perfect for those who want to keep it natural, yet want to explore a bolder style. 

How long does the process take?

At Vurve, you can get a Full Classic Set of lashes in 90 minutes and a Volume Set in 90 - 120 minutes. For a Refill - It usually takes between 60 -75 mins.

When to get a Refill?

Refill sessions are like touch-up sessions for your lashes. Over time, your natural lashes grow, eventually causing your extensions to shed out. Refills can fill out the gaps and maintain the fullness of your lashes. Typically you’ll need a refill every 3-4 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle. During the refill process, our technicians will remove the grown-out lashes, clean them up, and add new extensions to make your lashes look fuller like newly done!

What are the Pros of Eyelash Extension?

  • Lush Lashes 24*7

Unlike falsies, which need to be taken off after a few hours, with eyelash extensions you can sleep and wake up with oh-so-perfect lashes! 

  • They’re Customizable

Do you want your lashes to look fuller? Longer? Voluminous? Want it to look more natural? Done. Whatever your concerns are, you can talk to your specialist about it and can tailor the length, curl, and volume of the extensions to suit your style and personality perfectly. 

  • Cut down Your Makeup Time

Clients have told us that their makeup time has literally been reduced after the extensions. The extensions themselves will take away all the attention and in fact, you no longer need to curl your lashes, apply mascara, or even wear eye makeup altogether! 

  • Pain-Free Process

Worried about the pain? Don’t. Getting eyelash extensions is a pain-free process. It is gentle and non-invasive, with your technician delicately applying each extension to your natural lashes. Just sit back and relax!


Lash Extension Aftercare Is So Important

The best part of getting an extension done is looking at those full fluffy lashes in the mirror post the process, right?! But do you know that a proper aftercare of your lashes is important to increase their longevity? Yes! Check out these lash extension “musts” to ensure that your beautiful black flutters are properly taken care of and keep them looking their best.


What not to do?

  • No Rubbing, No Pulling. We all get that urge to rub our eyes now and then, but, with extensions on, you gotta resist. This can cause your lashes to fall off prematurely and even damage your natural lashes.

  • No Waterproof Makeup. Say a big no-no to waterproof eyeliner or mascara, as they’re tough to remove and can break the lash adhesive. This can lead to lash fall-out.
  • Say No to Eyelash Curlers. Using a lash curler can affect the position of the extensions causing a pull-out and damaging your extensions. 
  • Avoid direct heat. Whether it’s from blow dryers, curlers, or even steamy showers, excess heat can loosen the adhesive for your extensions and cause a fallout. 


What to do?

  • Keep them Dry. The adhesive used to attach the extension to your natural lashes takes about 28-48 hrs to completely cure. So try to avoid water, steam, or excessive sweating during this time as it will weaken the bond causing the extensions to fall off. 
  • Brush them. Use a clean, dry spoolie and brush out your lashes every day to keep them from getting tangled. This avoids clumping of lashes that give an unnatural look.
  • Protect, while sleeping too. Try to sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on your lashes. If you are not able to, at least sleep in a position in which your lashes don't touch the pillow or the bed. 
  • Use Oil-Free Products. Oil in cosmetic/skin-care products can break down the lash adhesive causing premature lash fallout. Opt for oil-free cleansers, makeup removers, and eye creams to avoid weakening the adhesive bond.
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Mar 12 , 2024
Are Bridal Hair and Makeup Trials Worth It? Everything you need to know

Hey, beautiful bride-to-be! you've poured your heart into every detail of your big day, from the flowers to the venue to the cake, and, of course, that stunning dream dress. But what about your makeup and hair? 
What if it doesn't turn out as expected? 
What if the products don't hold up your skin? 
What if the final result looks nothing like the inspiration you fell in love with? What if? What if? The questions are many! But the answer?!

Well, worry not! Your big day deserves nothing less than perfection, and that's why makeup and hairstyle trials are absolute musts. Just like dress rehearsals, your look deserves a trial too! Makeup trials ensure that your vision becomes an absolute reality, giving you confidence and peace of mind on your D-Day!  

Here are the top tips compiled by our team of 8 experts in Makeup and Hair at Vurve Salon, of course, verified with the industry standards, just for you!

Why do Makeup Trials Matter?

Imagine this: you've found the perfect wedding dress, the one that fits like a dream and makes you feel incredible. But you wouldn't just wear it on the big day without trying it on first, right? The same goes for your hair and makeup!
It's your chance to play around with styles, see what makes you shine, and get to know the talented people behind the magic: your hairstylist and makeup artist, your makeup squad.
This trial is like a first date – a chance for everyone to feel each other out. You can chat about your vision, show inspirational pics, and see if their vibe meshes with yours. After all, you'll be spending a good chunk of your wedding morning with them, so feeling comfortable and confident is key!

Pre- Trial Preparations

When should you book the trial?

Timing is everything! We recommend booking your trial session 2-3 months before your wedding. This gives you enough time to properly test out different looks and incorporate any changes if necessary. 

Bridal Hair Trial: What to Expect?

This is an opportunity to explore an array of hairstyles, from romantic updos to loose curls, braids, and a lot more. Begin with a consultation. Share inspirational photos, communicate your preferences, and discuss your wedding theme, venue atmosphere, and dress style. The hairstylist will listen to your preferences and offer suggestions based on your hair type, dress, and facial features. Pick a hairstyle that feels comfy for you to rock all day or night with confidence!

Makeup Trial: What to Expect?

Once you've had a skin assessment, our makeup artist will suggest which products and styles will make your natural features pop! So, when it comes to makeup for brides, you've got options! You can go for airbrush makeup or HD makeup. Also, there's a whole range of finishes to play with too, like glowy, dewy, or matte. Each one's perfect for different events like your wedding, reception, or engagement – so pick accordingly! Discuss any skin concerns or allergies to products that you may have. It is always a good idea to bring along a photo reference for your trial session preferably someone with a similar skin tone as yours. 

Remember, your wedding day's gonna be full of emotions – tears, laughter, and lots of dancing! So, your makeup needs to be able to keep up. Your trials are the perfect time to test out the products' longevity and see how they hold up against all the feels.

Pro Tips to achieve the desired look

Here are some tips, to help you nail that perfect look

  1. Daylight Testing: If possible, schedule your trials during daylight hours. Natural light provides the most accurate representation of how your hair and makeup will appear on your wedding day.
  2. Stay Open to Suggestions: Don't be afraid to try out new styles and trends they recommend. You might just discover something amazing!
  3. Snap Some Pics for Reference: Take photos during your trial sessions. It helps you remember what you loved and what you might want to tweak for the big day.
  4. Trust the Experts: Remember, your professionals are experts in their craft. They're there to make you look the best.
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Jul 06 , 2023
Wedding this monsoon? Here are 5 tips for nailing the bridal look!

Beautiful greenery, grey skies, wet roads, droplets falling off the leaves, a ray of sunshine shedding some light, radiating faces are blushing as they look at each other, all captured candidly as friends and family cheer. Aaah! How wonderful was that?

That's one example of a romantic monsoon wedding. But there's a glitch. Despite their serenity, monsoon weddings pose a multitude of make up hurdles! Do you want to pull off the perfect bridal look this monsoon? Then look no further!