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Bringing to you a well-versed team of professional makeup artists, to add some extra pop to your natural beauty. With applications ranging from light to bold or classic to glamourous, the Vurve Makeover Artists ensure to help you express who you are from the inside. Whether you want to choose your own makeup technique or consult with us for creative makeup looks, every artist at Vurve is passionate about what they do and is always looking to create the best, alluring looks.

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    How -to- Guides

    1. How To Choose The Best Makeup For Your Skin Type?

      Vurve Recommends: A mismatched foundation and exaggerated eyeshadow creates an unflattering look. Depending on your skin type, Vurve recommends you to either go for a matte finish or dwey look. If you have an oily, blemish-prone skin, a matte-finish liquid foundation is the ideal option to start your makeup with. If you have normal to dry skin, a moisturizing liquid foundation hydrates your skin without making it look greasy. To finish the look, we recommend using a matte setting spray for a sheer, smooth and poreless look or dewy setting spray for a radiant finish. If you are still confused about choosing the right makeup look that suits your skin, we suggest you opt for the Vurve Makeup Consultation given by our Professional Makeup Artists to get that flawless and alluring look.

    2. How To Highlight Your Facial Features?

      Vurve Recommends: Adding more definition to your facial features can bring out the power of illusion through creative makeup looks.
      When it comes to emphasizing your eyes;
      Tight lining the upper lash line by working a black kohl or gel liner into the water line and between the lashes are a great way to create definition and make your eyes pop. Dotting a shimmery highlighter or eyeshadow in the inner corners of eyes makes them look larger and brighter. For a wide, doe-eyed look, focus mascara on the outer lashes.
      When it comes to emphasizing your cheekbones, jawlines, and nose;
      To give them a defined look, standard contouring techniques with a use of a shade darker than your skin tone, makes your nose appear smaller and thinner, your jawlines looking sharp and adds dimension to your cheekbones.
      When it comes to emphasizing your lips;
      Highlighting your lips to make them appear fuller by adding a touch of a shimmery highlighter to your cupid’s bow is the best way to define your lips.

      From classic to trendy look, highlighting your facial features is a technique that is never skipped by the Vurve Makeover Artists, regardless of what service you choose.