Hair Colouring

Hair Colouring

Hair Colouring

Are you looking to add colour to your persona? Get all your hair colouring needs addressed with top experts in the field. Your hair, your way, just book with us today!

Be your Vibrant Self/Go Crazy with Colour!

We at Vurve offer a wide, and hair-safe range of services when it comes to hair colouring. Want the perfect ombre, highlights, balayage, foliage, masonry, or streaks? Our services include it all! Take your pick between our Sunkissed or A-La-carte hair colouring services,none of which causes damage, but instead retains your hair’s health while giving you a whole new vibe.

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  1. What Types of Hair Colouring Services does Vurve Signature Salon Offer?

    Vurve Signature Salon offers a range of hair colouring services, including all-over colour, highlights, root touching, retouching, Henna removal, and Balayage.

  2. Can I Book a Hair Colouring Appointment Online at Vurve Signature Salon?

    You can book your appointments online on our website or by calling us at 9282829282.

  3. How Long does a Hair Colouring Appointment Take at Vurve Signature Salon?

    The duration of a hair colouring appointment at Vurve Signature Salon will depend on the specific service requested and the length and thickness of the hair. It is best to discuss the estimated time for the service with the stylist before the appointment.

  4. Are There Any special Considerations for Colouring Treated or Damaged Hair?

    Colouring treated or damaged hair may require extra care to avoid further damage. It is important to discuss the condition of your hair with the stylist before the service begins to determine the best course of action. Vurve Signature Salon offers specialised treatments or products to help nourish and protect treated or damaged hair during the colouring process.

  5. Can I Request a Specific Hair Colour Brand to be Used for Me at Vurve Signature Salon?

    Vurve Signature Salon offers a selection of different hair colour brands to choose from. It is always a good idea to discuss your preferences and any specific concerns with the stylist before the service begins. The stylist will be able to recommend the best hair colour brand for your individual needs and desired result.


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