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Men's Hair

Looking to impress with either a wickedly well-groomed beard, well-styled hair or with overall sharpness? Look no further with expertly precise barbering & styling services just for you.

Up your Style Game

Here at Vurve, men’s hair & styling is a distinct priority and specialization of its own. We offer a diverse range of services for men such as beard shaping, hair styling & general grooming. We also offer a variety of trained, professional stylists to choose from, each with their own distinct sense of style. Get groomin’ by booking an appointment with us today!

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  1. What Services are Offered at Vurve Signature Salon for Men?

    Vurve Signature Salon offers a range of services such as haircuts, styling, beard trims, and colour treatments.

  2. How Much does a Men's Haircut Cost?

    The cost of a men's haircut can vary depending on the type of cut requested and the experience level of the stylist. You can also check the rate card for an idea on the charges. Alternatively, you can contact the salon directly for specific pricing information.

  3. Can I Book an Appointment Online for Men's Hair Services at Vurve?

    Vurve Signature Salon offers the option of booking appointments online through our website or you can call us at 9282829282 to confirm availability and to discuss any specific requests or concerns.

  4. Are There Any Special Considerations for Men with Different Hair Types or Styles?

    Men with specific hair types or styles may have different needs when it comes to salon services. It is best to discuss your hair care concerns and preferences with our stylist before the service begins to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result. Book an appointment here.


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