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Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Treatment

August 7, 2019

Tropical weather and the Indian mane have never shared an amicable relationship. Humid weather tends to cause frizzy hair, dandruff and breakage. To add to that, traveling in public transport, power cuts, workout out or playing some sport also causes damage to the hair. While straightening seems to be the go-to solution for women who want a quick fix for all their summer hair woes, not many know of an alternate treatment that not only fits the bill, but leaves your hair looking frizz-free and manageable.

Did you know? Hair strands are comprised of 91% protein and most people run out of it due to excessive heat from hair styling, high chemical products, lack of appropriate hair care and poor diet. Keratin is an important protein in hair prototype that helps fill this gap, acting as a crucial element aid your tresses from keeping its shine and prevent it from damage. In short, keratin treatment involves infusing keratin protein in the hair which results in increased sleekness.

  1. Why opt for keratin?

    With many hair care options available in the market, keratin is often misinterpreted as a straightening treatment. Keratin is a protein treatment that works on the outer layer of the hair to remove frizz and control reactions against humidity and other hair management challenges. The treatments don’t alter the chemical composition of your hair, but actually repair the inner parts of your hair with protein, so that it feels smoother. It does not meddle with the inner structure of your hair, while straightening, on the other hand, works on the hair follicles to permanently straighten the hair.

    Aside to the above, keratin also gives one the option of trying out different hairstyles, making it far more easy for a person switch hairstyles is more effortless manner. Curls or perming for different occasions will become something that you’d invest too little time crafting. However, straightening does not provide that flexibility.

    As multifaceted as a swiss-army knife, Keratin helps solving many problems with one solution. Other than making the hair smooth, also helps in repairing the damage caused by pollution, hair products, environment whereas straightening only provides one solution. It would be hard to spot someone who has undergone a keratin treatment as it looks seemingly more natural and does not stand out. The same cannot be said for a straightening treatment, as usually it would appear to be very needle-straight and modified.

    Vurve Salon, recommends all clients go through a hair consultation to help understand 2 things – Hair Goals and Hair Concerns. This process of consultation is not just an informative session but also a learning and creating awareness of the possible options of hair treatment.

  2. When is the right time to opt for a keratin treatment?

    You may have heard a lot about keratin and might be itching to go to the salon to get it done. Per Vurve Salon, some of these signs below before opting for keratin:

    1. When you feel you have very frizzy hair that pops up after every hair wash
    2. If your hair lacks moisture and does not sit down well
    3. Looks dull and limp 
    4. When you face difficulty in maintaining any hairstyle and have issues with managing it
  3. What are the perks of Keratin treatment?
    1. When properly done, keratin treatment has a significant impact on your confidence as your hair is perfect at all times and is not a cause for worry. 
    2. Your mane is nourished with protein, which is a solid nutrient and hence this does not have any side-effects. However, make sure you go to a properly skilled and trusted technician who understands the texture of your hair and facilitates the treatment accordingly. 
    3. Your hair can be easily managed and transformed into different styles with ease. You do not have to pull out a hair straightener every time. 
    4. Keratin treatment insulates your hair against all weather conditions. You no longer have to worry about humidity, frizz, breakage or dullness. Keratin has got you covered. 
    5. Keratin-treated hair can be easily managed and does not require too much maintenance. You only need to ensure you are using sulphate-free products which help maintain and improve the mileage of your keratin treatment. 
  4. Post-keratin rituals

    Immediate steps: Hair that has been treated with keratin must not come in contact with water for at least 3 days. This defines how it will be for the rest of the period and hence would be best to wear a shower cap when you come in contact with water. Also, carry an umbrella when you come in contact with the sun. This will protect the hair from sun damage.

    Invest in a good shampoo: Do not opt for shampoos that contain sodium-chloride and sulphate. You have to get a shampoo that is sulphate free, so it can retain the sheen of your hair for a while. A good stylist will naturally consult you on this and provide a suitable recommendation.

    Avoid too many hair washes: Yes you heard it right. Avoid using too much shampooing as it would have a detrimental effect to your treated hair. The protein gets washed away over the course of time, but if you shampoo more than twice a week, you would be fastening that process. Dry shampoo is a smart alternative that can help you circumvent this situation.

    Leave-in conditioner: Conditioners protect the keratin treatment, so you can start including a leave-in conditioner in your hair care regime and you will see a noticeable difference. A stylist will be happy to assist you with this, as well.

    Let it free: Do not tie your hair for the first couple of days as it will have an adverse effect on the keratin treatment which just settling into your hair. Give it some time before you start playing around with it.

    Invest in a soft pillow: Most people sleep on hard pillows without understanding the effect it can have on your mane. Invest in a soft silk pillow and you can see wonders. Hairfall would reduce and the kerain would also be protected from eroding due to friction.

  5. Keratin Treatment frequency

    Keratin treatment usually lasts for 3+ months and that completely depends on your hair care routine, lifestyle and maintenance. Once your hair starts to return to its natural form, the treatment can be repeated in the next 3-4 months that follow. This completely depends upon the texture of your hair. If you have slight waves or straight hair, you may repeat the treatment over a course of few months. Alternatively, if you have strong and bold curls, you may need to redo it sooner.

    To conclude, don’t blindly subject your hair to a straightening treatment and instead think about Keratin, as it can restore the mane to more frizz-free and manageable state. It always feels good to invest in a good treatment that has a long-lasting effect, with keratin being one of those mostly preferred options. But don’t forget to consult an expert stylist before you invest in the same.

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