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Are Bridal Hair and Makeup Trials Worth It? Everything you need to know

All about Hair and Makeup trials - When to book, How to do and things you need to know to ...

6 Best Nail Trends To try In 2024

Here are the 6 best nail designs that are trending for 2024, from Floating French nails to Aura nails to ...
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Wedding this monsoon? Here are 5 tips for nailing the bridal look!

Beautiful greenery, grey skies, wet roads, droplets falling off the leaves, a ray of sunshine shedding some light, radiating faces ...
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Men’s Skincare Routine – 4 Tips To Get That Resplendent Skin You Always Wanted!

Just because it has the word ‘routine’ in it, which admittedly makes it sound quite monotonous and drab, the skincare ...
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5 Things You Need To Know About Kerastase Fusio Dose!

Stressed about how after all that regular and elaborate hair care, your hair simply doesn't care? If we said that ...
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Men’s Grooming Done Right – 5 Tips to Look Sharp at Work!

Women indeed make up (pun unintended) 99% of the half-trillion-plus beauty industry, but men are steadily picking up the pace ...
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Olaplex Vs Fusio Dose Treatment: Quest for Shiny Silky Hair

Being a hairstylist, I completely count on Olaplex treatment prior to any sort of chemical treatment on my tresses. But ...
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Benefits Of Foot Reflexology That Can Leave You Awestruck

Well, Foot Reflexology is a bodywork or massage technique that involves application of pressure to definite points on the foot ...
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Fusio Scrub: The Ultimate In-Salon Scalp & Hair Exfoliation at Vurve Salon

Fusio Scrub offers a powerful combination of exfoliation and essential oils that remove the grime while maintaining a healthy scalp ...

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