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Mar 04 , 2024
6 Best Nail Trends To try In 2024

Women’s nails are an ultimate form of self-expression. Agree? From nail shape to color choice to designs, it can tell a lot about a person. Also, it's one of the easiest ways to express your creativity. 2024 promises an array of exciting options for your fingertips. Why not treat yourself with a little nail makeover? From low-maintenance style to elevated nail accessories, we’ve gathered the best nail trends for you to try in your next mani!

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Jul 06 , 2023
Wedding this monsoon? Here are 5 tips for nailing the bridal look!

Beautiful greenery, grey skies, wet roads, droplets falling off the leaves, a ray of sunshine shedding some light, radiating faces are blushing as they look at each other, all captured candidly as friends and family cheer. Aaah! How wonderful was that?

That's one example of a romantic monsoon wedding. But there's a glitch. Despite their serenity, monsoon weddings pose a multitude of make up hurdles! Do you want to pull off the perfect bridal look this monsoon? Then look no further!