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Apr 27 , 2023
Men’s Grooming Done Right – 5 Tips to Look Sharp at Work!

Women indeed make up (pun unintended) 99% of the half-trillion-plus beauty industry, but men are steadily picking up the pace. Men’s grooming has grown lickety-split from the early 2000s until today, with a majority of men spending a staggering 3 hours a week on personal grooming.

Skincare, haircare, and body-care routines have been established across geographies and age groups, and the era for looking great has never been better.

With the COVID-19 pandemic almost gone, people are slowly making their way back to offices. This means dapper clothes, neatly groomed looks, and alluring fragrances are back in action! For men, there’s a 5-point checklist that, if ticked meticulously, can leave you looking fresher, meaner, and smoother.