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Olaplex Vs Fusio Dose Treatment: Quest for Shiny Silky Hair

January 30, 2021

Being a hairstylist, I completely count on Olaplex treatment prior to any sort of chemical treatment on my tresses. But the million-dollar question I’ve been asked a lot is, “Which one is the best, Olaplex treatment or Fusio- dose Treatment?”. Therefore, I would love to take up this chance of explaining the importance of each hair treatment and the differences between the two which will aid you in zeroing the ideal one that would be the most efficient for your hair type.

  1. What is Olaplex?

    The chemical components present in the color, bleach and perms responsible for making our hair shiny and beautiful, is sadly also the reason for hair breakage. They break the bonds that are in charge of maintaining the strength and health of the hair. Here comes the role of the Olaplex kit. What it essentially does is that it ‘reconnects the broken disulfide bonds in your hair’. It is a life savior when it comes to chemical hair treatments.

    At an in-salon service, the Olaplex treatment works by repairing the hair bonds even before the chemicals can try to break them, thus maintaining your hair integrity and strength. Isn’t that cool? This is not all – Olaplex is beneficial for all hair types. Whether your hair is Color Treated, Texture Treated, Virgin or anything in between, it is damaged on a daily basis. Olaplex assists in both preventing that damage and repairing it, returning the hair to a virgin like state. Olaplex is compatible with all manufacturers chemical service products.

    The take-home hair treatment is designed in such a way that it ensures good maintenance and constant restructuring of hair until your next salon visit.

    Everyone wants beautiful, healthy, manageable shiny hair and with Olaplex, that can become a reality!

  2. What is Fusio-dose?

    Fusio-dose by Kérastase is a bespoke in-salon hair treatment that is applied at the backwash during your appointment immediately transforming it, giving instant results.

    The Kerastase Fusio-dose treatments are highly-concentrated serums mainly involved in targeting the specific hair concerns and hence are customizable. It is different from Olaplex in the sense that it doesn’t help in rebuilding hair bonds. Instead, it aids in prolonging the hair color and shine and perfectly seals the moisture. Fusio-dose treatment also deals with tackling other key issues like hair thinning and weak/brittle hair.

    What makes this treatment interesting is that it comes along with a “booster” to look after any secondary concerns that your hair might have, thus making it a personalized treatment option with over 20 different combinations. Plus, the treatment takes just 5 minutes because of the active ingredients present in them, impressive huh!

    Unlike other hair treatment options that only work on the hair exterior giving it a smooth finish, the Kerastase Fusio-dose is formulated specifically to react with the hair cuticle, thus working from the inside-out. As a result, this treatment provides you with silky and soft hair that shines from within and doesn’t wash off the next time you shampoo your hair.

  3. Do I need the Fusio-Dose Treatment?

    Is your hair feeling a bit dull or dry? Do you want the colour to have more of a boost? Is your hair feeling frizzy? Then Fusio-Dose by Kerastase is the perfect treatment for you.

  4. How long does Olaplex last and Fusio-dose treatments last?

    When it comes to Olaplex treatment, the lasting power depends solely on the hair condition.

    • Slightly damaged hair –  Six weeks.
    • Moderately damaged hair – Four weeks.
    • Highly damaged hair – Two weeks.

    In the case of Kerastase Fusio-dose treatment, the extra shine and improved texture is maintained for up to 4-5 washes,

    The hair ‘shot’ is applied to the hair at the backwash, and only needs 5 minutes to take effect. The result? Healthier, shinier hair!

  5. Who should use Olaplex and who should use Fusio-dose?

    Olaplex treatment has a preventative nature in the sense that it prevents hair breakage which is a major issue among many of us while the Fusio-dose is restorative in nature, as it maintains the hydration of the hair along with providing density and protein to the hair.

    Depending on your hair type and condition, you can decide on which treatment to consider. But, in case you are not sure, you can try both at once and I promise this will drastically make a huge difference to your hair texture that it’ll thank you immensely.

    Both the treatments can be easily combined and added to our Vurve salon hair service without increasing your in-salon appointment time, and you will witness a great shine and softness in your hair along with improved hair texture.

Book your appointment for Free Hair Consultation at Vurve Salon and our team of experts will guide about the right treatment that is suitable for you. I promise you won’t regret it!

–By Melvin Peters, Salon Director at Vurve Signature Salon.

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