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5 Things You Need To Know About Kerastase Fusio Dose!

April 27, 2023

Stressed about how after all that regular and elaborate hair care, your hair simply doesn't care? If we said that a 5-minute quick salon routine can revive your hair back into its best health and lusciousness, would you still believe it?

Introducing you to Fusio dose by Kerastase, a customised in-salon treatment that aims at addressing and resolving hair issues specific to you, and showing results through desired texture, volume, and improved hair quality.

It is impossible to describe in words, and is better when experienced over the next few months, as your eyes light up every time you see the entrancing reflection of your hair in the mirrors, when it falls in a cascade over your shoulders or when it bounces every time you walk.

Fusio Dose truly seems like a trail to an ideal world of good hair days, and once you see the benefits, there's no going back!

5 things to know about Kerastase Fusio Dose :

Before you douse in the goodness of fusio-dose, let's get informed about the nitty gritty’s.

  1. Liquid hair-care technology at its best!

    The whole concept of this treatment is to unlock the possibility of solving each individual’s unique hair concerns by creating “perfect liquid formulas” that accurately tackle the same. And this is possible with the use of 2 ingredients: Concentre and Booster.

    Depending on the requirements of your hair, the hair expert selects a concentre and a booster and combines them into one blend of liquid shot for your treatment. There are 6 concentres and 5 boosters in total, which allow you to make as many as 30 new combinations of the amazing fusio dose mix.

  2. Difference between booster and concentre:

    A concentre is chosen based on your primary issue and the booster based on the secondary. Every concentre has a highly concentrated vial that deals with multiple needs. When mixed with boosters, which are packed with powerful active ingredients, they influence the hair’s inner fibre structure and provide immediate and long-lasting nourishment.

  3. What's the procedure?

    1. Diagnosis :

    Your hair goals are achievable when you begin with a flawless diagnosis. Worry not, for the hair experts are there to help. They listen to your concerns and try to get an exact idea about your lifestyle and hair care habits before moving on to a detailed check of your scalp. In the end, they brief you about their analysis and conclude with the selection of an ideal concentre and booster that would work best for you.

    2. Application :

    Perhaps the easiest part of this process is the application. Once the concentre and booster combination is fixed, you will be given a gentle hair wash after which the fusio dose shot is sprayed onto your hair. It only takes 5 minutes and the results can be seen immediately.

  4. How long does the treatment last?

    The Kerastase after-care ritual is a definite no-skip and if followed arduously will keep your hair lush and rejuvenated for up to 20 washes. The treatment gives your hair the ability to stay soft and healthy even while combating everyday pollution and harsh climates.

  5. Can fusio dose be done at home?

    Fusio dose is one treatment that requires precision, professional evaluation, and lots of care which is why it is a Kerastase-exclusive salon service. After all, you owe your poor hair some good minutes of pampering, and who better than Vurve Salon can assist you with that? Leave it to us and relax. We will take care and ensure that you always leave with a broad smile.

    Fix an appointment at your nearest Vurve studio ASAP. Remember, you are only a “fusio dose” visit away from making one of the most important hair transformations this year!

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