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Fusio Scrub: The Ultimate In-Salon Scalp & Hair Exfoliation at Vurve Salon

March 17, 2020

Just like how cleansing and exfoliating your face has become a part of your everyday routine, it’s time to show your scalp some love too.

Scalp health is majorly overlooked in the quest for shiny, healthy hair, especially in India. Whether it is your relaxing champi routine during weekends or a rushed shampooing during weekday mornings – it eventually leads to product build-up on your scalp and causes dandruff over time. Scalp care is widely ignored and we tend to focus only on keeping our hair clean and healthy, while our scalp gets lost in the mane.

A scrub has powerful capabilities that can be unlocked to cleanse the scalp, remove dead skin cells and wash away product build-up- essentially strengthening your scalp and stimulating hair growth.

While face scrubs are associated to be harsh on the skin, let us demystify what a hair scrub like the Fusio Scrub by Kerastase can do. Fusio Scrub offers a powerful combination of exfoliation and essential oils that remove the grime while maintaining a healthy scalp. It acts as an immersive hair care solution that deeply cleanses the scalp and keeps it hydrated.

  1. Why do you need scalp care?

    Are you always alarmed by the amount of dust and pollution that you are exposed to every day?

    Is itchy scalp your biggest woe?

    Is your hair oily and collects dust every few days?

    Scalp care is highly underrated, and we often think there is no problem when we can’t see it. In fact, scalp health ”

    What many of us don’t pay importance to is that an itchy scalp should not be taken lightly and it signifies an imbalance of the scalp. It could be because of bacteria caused by sweat, sebum and pollution remaining on the scalp which causes itchiness. Another reason could be shampoo not being washed out completely from the hair, which can dry out the scalp.

  2. Fusio Scrub: The ultimate spa experience with scalp

    Launched by Kerastase, Fusio scrub serves two purposes. One, it combines the deep cleansing power of scrubs to promote skin renewal and provides detoxifies your hair. It also comes along with essential oils that awaken your senses and provide an all-round sensory experience.

    There are two scrubs that can be used in this ritual:

    1. Scrub Energisant is essentially for the oily prone scalp. This purifies the hair texture and deeply cleanses your scalp and hair.
    2. Scrub Apaisant is for the sensitive scalp which will hydrate your scalp without damaging the cuticles or causing irritation.

    You know that it’s a Vurve promise when we say that Fusio Scrub is one of the most relaxing in-salon services that deeply cleans and revitalizes the scalp, freeing the skin and hair from deep impurities.

    This exfoliant scalp scrub service can be done once a week as a deep cleansing hair treatment (no more than twice a week). Once it is part of your hair care ritual, it will improve the texture of your hair and lift your spirits too!

    Benefits of Fusio Scrub Service

    • Detoxifies your scalp
    • Offers a sensorial experience with essential oil
    • Trained and highly skilled professionals working on your scalp
    • Personalized experience with essential oil of your choice
    • Exhilarating massage leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated
    • Removes any product build-up
    • Two types of scrubs are available depending on your skin type
  3. VURVE Launch: Fusio Scrub Service

    We are so excited to bring this service to you and launched this for the first time at our Bangalore salon. We brought on board the best hair care enthusiasts who were offered this service by our Kerastase Ambassadors.

    One of the hair care enthusiasts, Simrun Chopra, said, “ Outside conditions, products, and exposure causes damage to hair. Fusio Scrub deep cleans, revitalizes, frees the scalp from deep impurities. The look is pure volume and radiance. I loved the personal consultations at Vurve. The hair care specialist examined my hair with a 10x zoom machine and noticed oily scalp and dry ends. They recommended a scrub and oil that would work for me and massaged it for me. Even after a week, I can see that even after washing my hair, it is not dry and has nourished my hair.

  4. What does the service entail?

    We begin the service with a welcome massage (yes, that’s on us!). Once you are all settled in, it’s time to sit back and enjoy an all-new Aromatherapy Massage at the backwash. Post the massage, you will get to experience the fragrance of the oils before selecting the preferred one for the scrub. Then one of our professionals will apply the scrub on to your scalp, massage, exfoliate and dry your hair to perfection.

    Are you convinced about the importance of scalp care and how it should be made an integral part of your routine?

    Here are the costs for the Fusio Scrub service, at Vurve:

    • Instant Conditioning – Fusio Scrub – Rs. 1,800
    • Detox and Deep Cleanse Ritual – Rs. 3,800
    • Bespoke Hair and Scalp Ritual – Rs. 5,000

    Redeeming the Fusio Scrub experience is as easy as walking into any Vurve Signature Salon near you, calling the nearest salon to get an appointment booked with your favorite staff, or making an online booking for the same.

    We hope to see you soon!


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