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Apr 27 , 2023
Men’s Grooming Done Right – 5 Tips to Look Sharp at Work!

Women indeed make up (pun unintended) 99% of the half-trillion-plus beauty industry, but men are steadily picking up the pace. Men’s grooming has grown lickety-split from the early 2000s until today, with a majority of men spending a staggering 3 hours a week on personal grooming.

Skincare, haircare, and body-care routines have been established across geographies and age groups, and the era for looking great has never been better.

With the COVID-19 pandemic almost gone, people are slowly making their way back to offices. This means dapper clothes, neatly groomed looks, and alluring fragrances are back in action! For men, there’s a 5-point checklist that, if ticked meticulously, can leave you looking fresher, meaner, and smoother.

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Aug 07 , 2019
Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Treatment

Tropical weather and the Indian mane have never shared an amicable relationship. Humid weather tends to cause frizzy hair, dandruff and breakage. To add to that, traveling in public transport, power cuts, workout out or playing some sport also causes damage to the hair. While straightening seems to be the go-to solution for women who want a quick fix for all their summer hair woes, not many know of an alternate treatment that not only fits the bill, but leaves your hair looking frizz-free and manageable.

Did you know? Hair strands are comprised of 91% protein and most people run out of it due to excessive heat from hair styling, high chemical products, lack of appropriate hair care and poor diet. Keratin is an important protein in hair prototype that helps fill this gap, acting as a crucial element aid your tresses from keeping its shine and prevent it from damage. In short, keratin treatment involves infusing keratin protein in the hair which results in increased sleekness.