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Men’s Grooming Done Right – 5 Tips to Look Sharp at Work!

April 27, 2023

Women indeed make up (pun unintended) 99% of the half-trillion-plus beauty industry, but men are steadily picking up the pace. Men’s grooming has grown lickety-split from the early 2000s until today, with a majority of men spending a staggering 3 hours a week on personal grooming.

Skincare, haircare, and body-care routines have been established across geographies and age groups, and the era for looking great has never been better.

With the COVID-19 pandemic almost gone, people are slowly making their way back to offices. This means dapper clothes, neatly groomed looks, and alluring fragrances are back in action! For men, there’s a 5-point checklist that, if ticked meticulously, can leave you looking fresher, meaner, and smoother.

  1. Skincare

    The CEM (Cleansing-Exfoliating-Moisturizing) approach works like a charm for skin care. Among the umpteen cleansing products available in the market, you should always choose the one whose PH-balance closely matches your skin type. A scrub down, twice a day - once each in the morning and night can wipe out dirt, grime, and oiliness.

    We recommend using Dermal Product Peel Pro Re-surfacing Peel from Skeyndor for this purpose.

    Exfoliation removes the top layer of the epidermis, keeps the pores clearer, and can rid the skin of blemishes. Exfoliation makes your skin feel fresher, however, the process must only be done once or twice a week, not more. Perk up your look in the mornings before leaving for work with a nice moisturiser. Again, it’s quite imperative to know your skin type (normal, oily, or dry?) to get the right moisturiser. A moisturiser blended with SPF is like a bazooka for your battle against aggressive sun rays. Dark charcoal from Skeyndor helps to remove impurities from pollution that can cause damage to the skin.

    Follow this up with the Intensive Moisturising emulsion from Skeyndor to complete the CEM routine!

  2. Haircare

    Fact: bad hair days are a thing for men too. The numero uno thing to do? Keep frequenting your favourite salon! The key is to choose a hairstylist who understands exactly what hairstyle suits your hair type and face shape, even if you’ve got a receding hairline. Keep your hair short, especially during extreme environmental hots and colds. If you have locks, then bundle them up into a bun before slipping into formal clothing.

    Shampooing is necessary, but not very often. The hair produces natural oils that maintain its integrity and if shampooed a lot, can peel away these oils. For styling, always go with your gut - oils, creams, gels, wax, or sprays - whichever floats your boat. Oh, and ‘Moderation’ is the word of caution on the usage of gels, waxes, and sprays as they can be quite damaging in the long run.

    Don’t leave the decision making to your gut alone. Get your hair stylist to suggest styling products at the salon based on the scalp and the hair texture. Usage of the right amount of styling products won't damage your hair and since the experienced hair stylists suggest them, you can rest assured that they are good for you!.

  3. Shaving/Trimming

    The argument of shaving vs. trimming has been going around for centuries but it really boils down to what the person prefers. Corporate stereotypes like CEOs, lawyers, and bankers love a clean shave while the typical 20s and early 30s professional knows how to best rock a beard. But maintaining facial fuzz can be a daunting task, especially with so many corners, the soul patch, the neck, and the sideburns to cover. Barbers are pretty nifty when it comes to trimming and shaping beards so if you want that flawless look, it’s recommended to head to your salon.

    If you sport a long beard or sport a beard for long periods of time, you may want to equip yourself with an advanced trimming set from popular brands like Philips, Braun, or Wahl. Using beard oil can help in growth and smooth grooming.

  4. Smelling Good

    Work days can take the wind out of you, with meetings, walking around the office, and sitting at your work desk for long hours. This is why smelling good is mandatory. Colognes and aftershaves give off wonderful fragrances, but they can come off pretty strong. Try to use these sparingly. Meanwhile, deodorants and antiperspirants can combat sweating and bad odour. Pro Tip: use light, citrusy perfumes for hotter climates and woody/spicy tones for colder days.

  5. Dressing Up

    Nothing finishes a man’s complete look like dressing up in formals and a suit if needed. Needless to say, ironing and pressing are required de rigueur for the office. If you’re a tie kind of guy, then be sure to check what colours are in vogue before buying. And please, no skinny ties if you want to exude class!

    Grooming can be made a lot easier with the right vanity kit, the right-fit dresses, and most importantly, the right salon. To avail the best-in-class haircut, pampering, and fashion tips, head over to your nearest Vurve Signature Salon!

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