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Apr 27 , 2023
Men’s Skincare Routine – 4 Tips To Get That Resplendent Skin You Always Wanted!

Just because it has the word ‘routine’ in it, which admittedly makes it sound quite monotonous and drab, the skincare process can get irksome for many. But a routine is just a string of steps that we follow to improve at something  skincare for men is no different. Like brushing teeth, bathing, and having a hearty breakfast, a skincare routine is also fairly easy-peasy to develop and maintain.

For most men throughout history, the incentives of skincare haven’t been very significant. Nowadays, the advent of air pollution, unsafe water, and humdrum work lifestyles have driven up the demand for skincare. In fact, men ageing quicker than expected has become commonplace. The time has never been more opportune to take up skincare with aplomb and make yourself look like the life of the next party!

It’s time to first identify your skin type, just because it matters for product usage:

  • Normal: Skin that’s clear, balanced, and neither too oily, nor too dry
  • Dry: Rough skin with a flaky texture and may have small cracks
  • Oily: Skin that produces too much sebum and makes it greasy
  • Combination: Type of skin that is dry in some areas and oily in others

Sensitive: Prone to rashes, burns, acne, and redness, and may sting during product application