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Dec 01 , 2020
Benefits Of Foot Reflexology That Can Leave You Awestruck

Long standing hours, hard soled shoes, stressed out feet from a game or training, partied all night in your high heels….Do you feel it??

Now, who needs to be pampered? Your feet! Yes, it makes you stand tall above all odds.

Well, “A breathtaking morning walk on the beach? Dangling your feet in river water? Soaking your feet in salt water after a long day? Getting your mani-pedi done periodically? Isn’t that all enough?!”, you may ask.

No, my friend!

Your feet say a lot about your health and well-being.

Let’s probe into a few reasons that will help you get an awareness about why your feet need to be cosseted.

  • Your feet carry the whole weight of your body and help you in mobility all through the day.
  • The muscles and bones on your feet undergo an unimaginable amount of stress due to footwear and movements.
  • You tend to experience foot spasms especially when you are associated with vigorous exercises or sports activities.
  • Your legs need bountiful care when you go through PMS, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Be generous to your leg bones and muscles when you become a quadragenarian, a diabetic or when affected by arthritis or bone related problems.

All of us experience at least two of the above at any point in your lives. Foot reflexology comes to your rescue by easing the leg pain and stress that reflects good health. However, foot reflexology massages shall be a factor that relieves our body from certain ailments and isn’t a complete cure or remedy to any of them.

While anything can make you live longer, healthier for an extra year, why not foot reflexology that benefits your well being?

Well, Foot Reflexology is a bodywork or massage technique that involves application of pressure to definite points on the foot. It is carried out by reflexologists using their thumb, fingers and hand in the form of a massage without the usage of oil or lotion. The pressure points on your foot correspond to the organs and systems in your body and thereby pressing them invokes health benefits.

What can foot reflexology actually do to benefit your well-being?

  • Keeps your legs and body away from stress and anxiety
  • Prevents your legs from swelling and discomforts.
  • Elevates overall well-being by boosting your immune system
  • Improves blood circulation by stimulating the nerves
  • Lightens your mood by giving a soothing effect

Now all you need to do is sit back, relax and indulge in a rejuvenating foot reflexology session to make your happy feet happier!